Quest tour Tashkent for teambuilding with culinary tasks

Quest tour in Tashkent.

Quest tour in Tashkent is an adventure walk through the narrow streets of Tashkent, where hospitable and friendly Uzbeks live side by side.

Quest tour in Tashkent for active, purposeful and courageous teams at a high level.

Buy from us a quest tour in Tashkent full of tasks and gifts.

Quest tour Tashkent.

At half-past nine in the morning, the participants of the quest tour in Tashkent will gather at the starting point of the route.

At about 09:45 am, a briefing will begin about the upcoming quest tour in Tashkent and its rules, which will last until 10:15, then the participants will be divided into three groups led by instructors (guides).

Once briefed, the split teams will embark on the adventure in three distinctly different directions. Throughout the entire quest tour in Tashkent, the groups of participants will never intersect at the points of acquaintance with the city, of which planned four. The quest tour in Tashkent will end at approximately 14:25.

For all participants of the quest tour at 14:30, a master class will take place on mastering the basics of cooking Uzbek pilaf and Lagman.

Bus tour Tashkent with a guide's commentary on the sights of Tashkent from 17:00 to 19:20.

The quest tour in Tashkent will end where the program began at 19:30.

Quest tour in Tashkent, directions, and goals.

The direction of the quest tour in Tashkent


The main purpose of the quest tour in Tashkent

Provide participants with an entertainment program with a story about historical events and a demonstration of the modern achievements of the city of Tashkent, introduce traditions and culture, provide active recreation, participate in culinary competitions, teach employees to work in a team.

The specifics of the quest tour in Tashkent

An unusual team-building tour in Tashkent is attractive not only by a fascinating visit to local attractions but also because participants can actively participate in baking bread, cooking Pilaf and Lagman, and solving a tangle of riddles and puzzles charades.

The complexity of the quest tour in Tashkent

Difficulty level Simple, the transition from one point of the site, where there will be events, to another will take about 15-20 minutes within the old city of Tashkent.

Simple, at the level of General knowledge of the history and geography of the Republic of Uzbekistan, requiring only logical thinking and ingenuity.

We will provide each group with pre-prepared sports armbands in three colours and a team flag. We will also purchase the ingredients for cooking and other items in advance to provide quality services during the quest tour in Tashkent.

Participants depart on a quest with their coordinators (guides), and each strictly follows its route. So that the groups do not cross between themselves, the groups will visit the same place at different times. The group coordinators will monitor the implementation of the quest rules and reward the teams with gifts during the quest tour; the quest tour in Tashkent lasts 4 hours.

  • bake as much bread as possible at the bakery;
  • the teams will need to find a store and buy pre-prepared ingredients and kitchen utensils for making national pilaf and delicious Lagman, correctly answering the seller's riddles;
  • prepare meals with your own hands, choosing the necessary seasonings and determining the ratio of products;
  • provide answers to simple questions about the history and geography of Uzbekistan.
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Included / Not Included

Quest tour in Tashkent includes

  • walking-quest-excursion in Eski-Shahar (old Tashkent);
  • a master class on cooking national Pilaf and Lagman visiting an Uzbek family;
  • services of professional guides in English (if necessary, the local guide provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian);
  • transport services for a tour of Tashkent from 17:00 to 19:20.

Quest tour in Tashkent excludes

  • personal expenses.

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