Customs regulations of Uzbekistan

At international airports, on the land borders of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a system of two corridors of green and red colours operates to pass the customs control.

Any person can go through the green corridor without filling out a customs declaration if:

  • imported cash foreign currency does not exceed the equivalent of 2000 (two thousand) US dollars;
  • the cost and (or) the amount of imported goods does not exceed the norms that are not subject to customs duties established by law;
  • there are no goods, the import or export of which is prohibited or restricted by the law.

The choice of the green corridor means that the person does not have foreign exchange and goods that need to be declared.

When choosing the red corridor, you must fill out a customs declaration indicating the exact amount of declared foreign currency, goods, and other items and present it to the customs officer.

Please note that an incorrectly filled-in (deliberately underestimated amount of foreign currency and quantity of goods) declaration entails liability by applicable law.

If you doubt the correctness of your choice, it is better to go along the red corridor or contact the customs officer.

More information on customs legislation locates in front of the green and red corridors.

The list of goods prohibited for import into the territory of Uzbekistan;

  • narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and precursors;
  • printed works, manuscripts, cliches, drawings, photographs, films, negatives, film, video and audio production, recordings, audio materials aimed at undermining the state and social system, violation of territorial integrity, political independence and state sovereignty, propaganda of war, terrorism, violence, national exclusivity and religious hatred, racism and its varieties (anti-Semitism, fascism), pornographic materials;
  • portable laser emitters;
  • explosives and pyrotechnics;
  • unmanned aerial drones.

Norms of import/export of medicines for personal use;

Allowed in quantity:

  • up to 10 medicinal products of various names and no more than five packages of medicinal products for each of them;
  • medical products in the amount of no more than five units.

Moreover, one package should contain:

  • for solid (tablets, dragees, granules, powders, capsules) dosage forms - no more than 100 units;
  • for powders used to prepare a solution - no more than 500 g;
  • for homoeopathic medicines in the form of granules - no more than 50 g;
  • for infusion solutions and solutions took orally - no more than 500 ml;
  • solutions for injection - no more than 10 ampoules or no more than 10 vials;
  • for external drugs - no more than 200 ml or 200 g.

Medicines and medical devices must be in the manufacturer's packaging.