Discover Amirsoy & Charvak: Uzbekistan's Gems

Start your trip at the Ugam-Chatkal National Park in Uzbekistan, which UNESCO recognizes as a special place. Here, you will see wild nature and rare animals in beautiful, untouched areas.

Your one-day trip takes you to Amirsoy, a top spot for enjoying the mountains and Lake Charvak. Here, you can swim and have picnics with views of the mountains. Finish your excursion to Amirsoy, Lake Charvak, with a snack at the fantastic Bochka, famous for its fresh fish dishes.

We promise you a trip you won't forget and won't cost much. Book your trip now. See the beauty and culture of Uzbekistan at the Ugam-Chatkal National Park. Your adventure is waiting!

Tour to Amirsay, Charvak Lake and Bochka.

Day 1 Tashkent - Amirsoy - Charvak Lake - Bochka - Tashkent.
Meet your driver in Tashkent in the morning. Then, head to Amirsoy, a new ski spot on the north side of Maygashkan mountain. On the way to Ugam-Chatkal Park, you'll see lovely views. Expect to see small towns, neat fields, mountains, rocks, and green valleys.

When you reach Amirsoy, a cable car ride up the hill takes about 8-10 minutes. At the top, 2290 meters up, you'll have time to enjoy the scene, take photos, and breathe fresh air. Then, move on to Charvak Lake. Here, you can go swimming or boat at your own cost. Head back to Tashkent by noon, stopping at Bochka for a meal en route.

Bochka is known for its food. It's a hub for food lovers, with many spots offering local dishes. People come to Bochka to hang out. The "Mastava soup" is a must-try. It's a rich soup that made Bochka a hit. After your snack, you'll return to Tashkent in the evening to end the day tour from Tashkent to Amirsay, Charvak Lake, and Bochka, where it started.

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Tour to Tashkent region includes
  • transportation for a day trip;
  • cable car ticket.

Not Included

Tour to Tashkent region excludes
  • lunch at the Charvak Lake;
  • dinner at the Bochka;
  • other personal expenses.