Central Asia Tour: 23-Day Epic Cultural & Heritage Trip

Want a fantastic trip to Central Asia? Our 23-day tour takes you through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan for $5600. You get great hotels, easy travel, and see all the best places.

See things like the Darvaza crater and ancient cities like Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand, relax in Kyrgyzstan's hot springs, and visit Astana, Kazakhstan's capital.

You'll also see Ashgabat, Tashkent, Khujand, Osh, Bishkek, and Almaty, as well as beautiful spots like the Fan Mountains and Lake Iskanderkul.

Book this adventure online with a Visa or Mastercard. Get ready for unique cultures, history, and views!

Central Asia Tour.

Day-by-day tour program

Day 1 Arrival in Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan

We'll pick you up and take you to your hotel when you arrive at Ashgabat International Airport. Our team will be ready to answer any questions you might have there. Ashgabat, Turkmenistan's lively capital, has stunning white marble buildings and significant monuments that will wow you. Get ready for an exciting city tour starting at nine tomorrow morning.

Day 2 Ashgabat excursion, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, let's have a great day in Ashgabat. First, we'll see the extraordinary Old Nisa fortress that UNESCO protects. Next, we'll visit the big mosque named after Turkmenbashi.
Then, it's time to check out Ashgabat's famous spots. We'll look at the Ertugrul Ghazi Mosque, see the Carpet Museum, take a look at the enormous Wedding Palace, check out the Constitution Monument, see the excellent Arch of Neutrality, relax at the Independence Monument and Park, and take a peek at the places where the Ashgabat 2017 sports events happened.
We'll end the day with a delicious dinner, enjoying tasty Turkmen food.

Day 3 Departure to the gas crater in Darvaz, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, we will check out of the hotel and head to visit the National Historical and Ethnographic Museum. It's a great place to learn about the history and lifestyle of Turkmenistan. Then, we'll get into a jeep and start an exciting journey to Darvaza. Soon, we will find ourselves in the desert, approaching the impressive crater known as the Gates of Hell. It is a place that is truly worth visiting in Central Asia.
By the evening, we'll arrive at the gas crater. We'll be staying in a yurt camp, where you'll get to take some fantastic pictures of the gas crater. Enjoying some delicious kebabs, we'll finish our adventurous day with a tasty dinner by the fire. Then, you can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep in a yurt right in the heart of the desert.

Day 4 Departure to Khiva (Uzbekistan), a UNESCO heritage city, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, we'll go to the border between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, called Shavat-Dashoguz. You'll cross the border alone and find the Uzbek driver waiting there. Next, we'll drive to the city of Khiva. It's famous worldwide for its long history and culture, even on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Khiva, you'll stay in a hotel inside the giant Ichan-Kala fortress. This will make you feel like you're back in the old days. We'll end the day with a nice dinner at a local restaurant. They'll serve traditional Khorezm food. Be sure to try Tuhum-Barak, an unforgettable dish.

Day 5 Khiva excursion, breakfast and dinner with folklore show

After breakfast, prepare for a fun walk and a tour of Ichan-Kala, an old fortress and a big highlight in Uzbekistan. With a guide, we'll start with the famous but not finished Kalta-Minor minaret, a must-see in Khiva. Next, we'll visit the old Madrasah of Muhammad Amin-Khan and the Kunya-Ark fortress. Don't miss the Ak-Sheikh-Bobo observation deck for fantastic views over Khiva. We'll also see a mosque with 218 wooden columns and the Mahmud Pakhlavan mausoleum, famous for its blue domes. The Islam-Khoja madrasah and its tall tower are next. We'll check out the Ak mosque, Anush-khan baths, Alla-Kuli-Khan madrasah, Tash-Hauli palace, and the ancient walls of Ichan-Kala. We'll finish with a nice dinner at a local restaurant and enjoy a lively dance show.

Day 6 Transfer to Bukhara through the Kyzyl-Kum desert, breakfast and dinner

After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you will meet with the driver for the next part of our journey across the vast dry Kyzylkum Desert towards Bukhara. The trip will take about 6-7 hours, depending on how often we stop. At these stops, you can enjoy stunning views, hear the whisper of the wind, and look at the Amudarya River from afar. Upon arriving in Bukhara, we will check into a hotel for rest. Later, you will have the chance to explore the old city with its beautiful streets. We will enjoy a delicious Bukharian dinner at a teahouse by a quiet pond in Lyabi-Hauz Square.

Day 7 Bukhara excursion, Open Air Museum, breakfast and dinner

Today's tour of Bukhara is filled with exciting stops at ancient sites, showcasing the city's rich culture. We will see famous places like the Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum, Bolo-Hauz Mosque, Samanid Mausoleum, the great Ark Fortress, and the Poi-Kalon ensemble. Each site here is genuinely significant and tells a part of the region's history. Walking through Bukhara, we will also visit the lively market domes, where people have been trading for an eternity. Do not miss the chance to stroll through the beautiful Lyabi-Hauz Square to feel the city's pulse. We will also visit the Bukhara Puppet Theatre to see how miniature dolls are made. To conclude the day, a delicious dinner awaits us in a local Bukharan home, where you can learn how to cook Bukharan pilaf, a famous local dish.

Day 8 Bukhara - Vabkent - Gijduvan - Samarkand, breakfast, lunch with barbecue and dinner

Today, we will head to the famous city of Samarkand, known worldwide for its beauty and history. First, we will pass through the small town of Vabkent to see the old minaret filled with stories. Then, you can try your hand at pottery during an engaging lesson, where you can express your artistic side in Gijduvan. After that, we will enjoy a delicious shashlik for lunch, also in Gijduvan. In the second half of the day, we will arrive in the beautiful Samarkand. You will visit the hotel and savour a delicious dinner at a local restaurant.

Day 9 Samarkand excursion, breakfast, dinner with a master class on cooking pilaf

Today, we're off to see the sights in Samarkand, a city full of wonders. The first stop is Registan Square, with its three stunning schools – Ulughbek, Sherdor, and Tilla-Kari – covered in beautiful tiles. We'll also pay a visit to the Gur-Emir Mausoleum, the final resting place of a famous commander.
Then, we're headed to the Bibi-Khanum Mosque, once the most prominent mosque, and the nearby Siab Bazaar. We'll explore the Shah-i-Zinda, a collection of pretty tombs, and the mysterious mausoleum of Khoja Daniyar.
We won't miss the Afrasiab Museum with its old paintings, and Ulughbek's Observatory, where astronomical discoveries were made in the past.
To wrap up, we'll have a tasty dinner and a lesson on making Samarkand pilaf from a welcoming local family.

Day 10 Departure by train Afrasiab to Tashkent, tour of Tashkent, breakfast and dinner

Your trip to Tashkent starts early with a ride on the fast Afrasiab train at 6:08 in the morning. You'll get to Tashkent by 8:18 and then head to your hotel to check in later. Your Tashkent tour today will be fun, starting with Hasti-Imam Square. It's a big square with incredible buildings and a library of old books. Next, you'll walk through Tashkent's oldest part to visit the Chorsu bazaar, a lively market where everyone shops. You'll also take a metro ride to see the pretty Cosmonauts and Alisher Navoi stations. Plus, a walk at Amir Temur Square and Sailgokh Street is on the list. After seeing all these places, you'll enjoy a tasty dinner at the famous Sim-Sim restaurant in Tashkent.

Day 11 Departure to Dushanbe (Tajikistan), tour of Dushanbe, breakfast and dinner

Today, we will depart to Tajikistan, a beautiful southeast Central Asian country. We'll fly to Dushanbe, Tajikistan's capital, from Tashkent airport. When we land and exit the airport building, we will be met and taken to our hotel to rest.
After resting, get ready for a fun tour of Dushanbe. We'll see many cool spots showing off Tajikistan's history and culture. We'll visit the Navruz Palace, a fantastic building that highlights Tajik traditions, and the Ethnographic Museum, where you'll learn about the country's different ways of life.
We'll also see the Somoni Monument, honouring a famous king, and walk around Rudaki Park and Independence Park for some quiet time away from the city's noise.
We'll end the day with a tasty dinner at Rohat Teahouse, a famous spot for traditional Tajik food.

Day 12 Dushanbe - Anzob pass - Iskanderkul Lake, breakfast and dinner

Before you start your adventure to the famous Fan Mountains resort, you'll have a yummy breakfast at the hotel. Then, you'll see the stunning Lake Iskanderkul, which is way up at 2,195 meters high. You'll pass through the Anzob Pass, which is even higher at 3372 meters, to get there! When you arrive, get ready to be amazed by a beautiful waterfall and enjoy hiking in the gorgeous mountains. You'll spend the night in a cosy guest house in a nearby village. To improve your day in Tajikistan, you'll enjoy a tasty dinner with Kurtob, a popular local dish.

Day 13 Shahristan Pass, Istaravshan, Khujand, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, you meet your driver and head off on a great trip to Khujand. You'll go through the Shakhristan pass, high up over 3,300 meters! You'll stop at Istaravshan, a big marketplace from the old Silk Road times. You visit the Mugh-Teppe Fortress, the Kuk-Gumbaz Mosque, and the local market there. After about an hour and a half of driving, you'll get to your hotel in Khujand.
You will end your day of fun adventures with delicious Tajik pilaf in a cosy teahouse in the centre of Khujand. .

Day 14 Khujand, transfer to Kokand (Uzbekistan), breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, you will leave the hotel and start an exciting tour in Khujand. You will visit the Historical Museum of Sogdiana, which has over 1200 exhibits, the Mausoleum of Muslihiddin, and the bustling Panjshanbe Market. Having seen all this, you will head to the Patar-Andarkhon border between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. You will cross the border on foot by yourself. Upon exiting the customs area, a driver will meet you, and you will proceed to Kokand in the Fergana Valley. Upon arrival, you will accommodated at the hotel and have dinner in a traditional tea house. You will try Uzbek lagman and end the day with the taste of local cuisine.

Day 15 Kokand, Rishtan and Kum-Tepe bazaar, Fergana, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, your driver and guide will pick you up for a fun trip through the beautiful Fergana Valley. First, you'll explore Kokand, seeing places like Khan's Palace, the Mausoleum of Modari Khan, and the Norbutabiy Mosque. This trip part shows you the area's deep history and culture.
Next, on the way to Margilan, you'll visit Rishtan, which is famous for its beautiful ceramics. You'll get to join a pottery class with a well-known potter, where you can make your piece of art. It's a unique chance to learn about this local craft.
Then, you'll check out the Kum-Tepa bazaar, where people buy textiles and clothes. This market is perfect for seeing Silk Road culture and taking photos showing Uzbekistan's life. The bazaar is full of life and gives you a peek at how locals live.
You'll head to your hotel in Fergana. There, you can relax, have a tasty dinner, and get a good night's sleep, ready for more adventures tomorrow.

Day 16 Margilan, transfer to Osh (Kyrgyzstan), flight to Bishkek, breakfast and dinner

After an excellent breakfast, leave your hotel and see the Yodgorlik silk factory in Margilan. You'll see how silk is made, from caring for silkworms to making beautiful silk cloth.
Then, you'll visit Quva town to see the Buddha temple and learn more about Uzbekistan's history and culture. Next, you'll go to the Dustlik-Dostlik border, the line between Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. After crossing the border, you'll go to Osh in Kyrgyzstan and visit the Sulaiman-Too mountain. This fantastic place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and gives you great views.
To end the day, you'll fly to Bishkek from Osh. When you get to Bishkek, you will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel. You'll finish the day with a delicious dinner of Kyrgyz food at a local restaurant, making your first day in Kyrgyzstan memorable.

Day 17 Ala-Archa Park, Bishkek excursion, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, prepare for a fun trip to Ala-Archa National Park, not far from Bishkek, just 40 km away. You can enjoy a walk in beautiful nature with amazing views. The park has trails for all levels, so you can pick the one you like. Plus, there are incredible activities like rock climbing, horse riding, and hiking.
Back in Bishkek, a great city tour starts. The first stop is Ala-Too Square, the heart of the city. You'll see the State Historical Museum with lots of Kyrgyz history, the Flagstaff for the country's freedom, and a statue of Lenin from old times.
Then, walk around Oak Park to relax and visit Victory Square to honour soldiers who fought for freedom. The monument and flame there are extraordinary.
End your day with a tasty dinner at a local restaurant, trying Kyrgyz dishes like Beshbarmak, Lagman, and Plov. It's a great way to finish your Bishkek sightseeing with good food in a nice place.

Day 18 Transfer to Karakol, stop in Skazka Canyon, breakfast and dinner

After you enjoy breakfast, you'll meet your driver, who will take you to Karakol. On the way, you'll stop at the Burana Tower, a cool old tower from the 11th century that's part of Silk Road history.
Next, you'll visit Skazka Canyon. It's a beautiful place with great views. You can hike for 1 to 2 hours to see the area's beauty.
When you get to Karakol, you'll see the Dungan Mosque, a fantastic, very different building. Then, you'll go to the Karakol Historical Museum to see exciting things and learn a lot.
You'll check into your hotel and have a yummy dinner at a cafe.

Day 19 Trip to Altyn-Arashan gorge from Karakol, breakfast and dinner

After a yummy breakfast, you'll depart to see the impressive Altyn-Arashan Gorge. It's a beautiful place with great views and hot springs. You can relax in a hot spring bath and walk around to see all the pretty sights. Later, you'll return to Karakol for a tasty dinner at a cafe and sleep well at your hotel.

Day 20 Karakol - Charyn Canyon (Kazakhstan), Almaty, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast at the hotel, you'll go to the Karkyra border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Once you cross the border, you'll head to Almaty, but first, you'll visit the amazing Charyn Canyon. Your driver will show you around this beautiful spot that looks much like the canyons in Utah and Arizona, with pretty views. You'll get to Almaty in the afternoon and enjoy dinner at a restaurant. After a day of adventure, you'll rest at your hotel.

Day 21 Almaty excursion, flight to Astana, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, it's time to pack up and leave your hotel. Today, you're going on a fun tour around Almaty. You'll see incredible places like the Park of 28 Panfilov Guardsmen, an enormous Cathedral, the busy Green Market, and a Museum of Musical Instruments with many Kazakh instruments. You'll also visit Republic Square and the National Museum to learn about Kazakhstan's history and culture.
Next, you'll head to Medeo, a beautiful skating rink in the mountains near Almaty. Enjoy the fresh air and incredible views from a cable car ride. After that, you'll return to Almaty for an early dinner at a restaurant known for tasty Kazakh food. Then, you're off to the airport for your flight to Astana, now called Nursultan. You'll be taken to your hotel when you arrive, wrapping up a great day in Kazakhstan.

Day 22 Astana excursion, breakfast and dinner

After breakfast, you'll start your fun day in Astana. You'll visit Atameken, shop at Khan-Shatyr, and see the city from high up at the Baiterek monument. Next, you'll walk by prominent skyscrapers, check out the First President's Museum, see the largest mosque in Central Asia, visit the National Historical Museum, explore the Orthodox Cathedral, and stroll through the old city with its neat buildings. You'll end your day with a nice dinner, wrapping up your exciting trip in Central Asia and Kazakhstan.

Day 23 Transfer to the airport, breakfast

Your final day of touring Central Asia will commence with a satisfying breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Afterwards, you will check out from your room and hotel rendezvous with a representative for transfer to the airport, where you will board your flight home.

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Our Central Asia tour includes

  • A cosy room for two.
  • Yummy meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner, according to the program).
  • Fun trips with English-speaking local guides.
  • Tickets to places we visit.
  • Air-conditioned transport for trips and getting around.
  • A big water bottle every day.
  • Cost for photos and videos on city tours.
  • An excellent music and dance show in Khiva.
  • The train ride from Samarkand to Tashkent.
  • Flights from Tashkent to Dushanbe, Osh to Bishkek, and Bishkek to Astana.
  • Help with visas to five countries if you need it.

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Our Central Asia tour excludes

  • Your flights to Ashgabat and back from Astana.
  • Checking in early or out late at/to hotels.
  • The money you spend yourself.
  • Your insurance for the trip.
  • Fees for visas to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

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Tour Planning: The Importance of Timely Preparation

The dates for your trip are up to you, but it is essential to remember that obtaining a visa to Turkmenistan can take quite some time. To avoid surprises, we strongly recommend starting preparations for the trip at least two months before departure. This will help ensure that all necessary documents are processed on the needed dates.

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