Tour to Samarkand - Jewel of Uzbekistan

Embark on a journey from Tashkent to Samarkand with us! Samarkand shines like a gem. It was once the core of Tamerlane's vast realm. Now, UNESCO guards it. This city weaves history and culture together. Each place tells its tale.

The tour to Samarkand begins with a fast train trip. The Afrasiab train quickly takes you to Samarkand. At Registan Square, you'll marvel at grand buildings. Their domes, in shades of blue and green, each hold secrets.

On our Samarkand tour, you'll visit the Gur-Emir Mausoleum, known for its beauty and past. Then, explore the Shahi-Zinda Mausoleum, a site of calm and thought, as well as other sights of Samarkand. Also, enjoy the tasty and rich Samarkand pilaf.

Come with us for a delightful tour of Samarkand. We handle all the details so you can unwind and create lasting memories. Booking is accessible online. We take Visa and MasterCard.

Tour to Samarkand.

We leave Tashkent at 7:30 AM on the fast Afrasiab train.

We'll get to Samarkand by 9:40 AM. A friendly guide will be there to welcome us. Then, our adventure begins.

In the morning, we'll visit top spots like Registan Square and its famous schools - Ulugbek, Sherdor, and Tilla-Kari. We'll also stop by the Gur-Emir mausoleum and the big Bibi-Khanum mosque. And we can't miss the bustling Siab bazaar.

We'll have Samarkand pilaf for lunch at noon.

In the afternoon, we'll see more cool places like the Shakhi-Zinda complex and the old Ulugbek observatory.

We'll return to the Samarkand train station in the evening.

We head back to Tashkent at 5:00 PM and arrive by 7:00 PM, wrapping up our fantastic day.

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The tour price includes:
- Train tickets to and from Samarkand.
- A guided tour in Samarkand with a guide who speaks English (and other languages).
- Entry fees in Samarkand.
- Local transport in Samarkand.
- Lunch in Samarkand.
- Fees for photos and videos.

What else?

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Want to stay longer in Samarkand?
Sure, extending your tour is easy. Just tell us beforehand. There might be extra costs, but we'll discuss that to ensure you have a great extended stay.

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