Central Asia Tour: 14-Day Epic Journey Across Five Nations

Join us on an exciting 14-day trip across Central Asia, visiting Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. We offer two options for tour packages, with stays in either three-star or four-star hotels. For a four-star experience, you can choose a double room for $3641 or a single room for $3966. If you prefer three-star accommodations, double rooms are available for $3200, and single rooms are available for $3669.

We'll see old cities and beautiful places and learn about different ways of life. We'll walk in the mountains, see important old places, and check out busy markets. Some cool spots we'll visit include Almaty's mountains, Bishkek's streets, Samarkand's ancient wonders, and Tashkent's new sights.

This trip is great for everyone and easy to sign up for. Get ready for lots of fun and memories. Let's see Central Asia together. Book now and get excited for a fantastic trip!

Tour to Central Asia.

Day-by-day tour program

Day 1: Arrive in Almaty (Kazakhstan)

Your trip starts when you land at the Almaty airport. A driver will wait for you after you go through your passport and customs checks. He will have a sign with your name. He will take you straight to your hotel. Check into a cosy hotel room to prepare for a day of seeing the sights in Almaty.

Day 2: Excursion Almaty, breakfast

Wake up to a yummy breakfast. Get ready for a fun day. A guide will show you Almaty. Hear incredible tales of bravery in a park. This park remembers 28 brave soldiers. You'll also see a big church named the Ascension Cathedral. Visit the busy Green Bazaar. Learn about Kazakhstan at Republic Square. Here, you'll see a giant monument to freedom. But the fun isn't over yet! In the afternoon, you'll visit the lovely Ile-Alatau National Park, see the tall Medeu mountains, and have a blast at the Shymbulak ski resort, which has fantastic views. After a busy day, you'll head back to Almaty. You'll be full of memories.

Day 3: Fly to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Excursion Bishkek, breakfast

After breakfast, you'll go to the airport. You'll fly to Bishkek, the central city in Kyrgyzstan. When you land, the guide will meet you. Then, you'll start a fun city tour of Bishkek.
You'll see the big Ala-Too Square, the old Lenin Statue, and the big White House. You'll learn about Kyrgyz history at the Manas Statue and the Mikhail Frunze Museum. You'll walk in quiet Oak Park and see the beauty of the Opera and Ballet Theater.
Your day ends at the square with the eternal flame. You can walk along Manas Avenue and enjoy the city's busy culture. After a full day, you'll check into your hotel. Here, you can rest and get ready for the next day.

Day 4: Ulak-Tartysh horse game, fly to Tashkent (Uzbekistan), breakfast, lunch

Your day starts with breakfast. Then, you head to the village of Don-Aryk. It's a mystery-filled place. On the way, you visit the old Burana Tower. It's world-famous and full of history.
Next, you watch the Ulak-Tartysh game. It's an exciting horse game with skilled riders.
Then, you eat lunch with a Kyrgyz family. You learn how yurts are made. Your great day ends with a trip to Bishkek airport. Then, you fly to Tashkent. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel in the city centre to settle in and prepare for the Uzbek portion of the tour.

Day 5: Excursion Tashkent by train to Samarkand, breakfast

After breakfast, you'll go on a fun tour of Tashkent. First, you'll see Khast-Imam. It's a place with a lot of history. You can see hairs from the Prophet Muhammad and an old Quran there. Next, you'll visit Chorsu Bazaar. It's a busy market. You can buy spices, dried fruits, and great gifts there.
See the beauty of Amir Timur Square and Independence Square, too. Visit the Monument of Courage as well. Then, check out the art at the Museum of Applied Arts.
As evening comes, you'll head to the train station. You'll take the "Afrosiyob" train, which is fast to Samarkand. A driver will meet you at Samarkand train station and take you to your hotel. Here, you can think about what adventures tomorrow might bring.

Day 6: Depart to Seven Lakes in Fann Mountains (Tajikistan), breakfast, dinner

After breakfast, you will start a fun trip to Tajikistan's hidden spots. Soon, you will smoothly head to the border. You will cross it by yourself, and this is when your incredible journey starts.
Once across, you enter a world of beauty. Your guide and driver will take you to the Seven Lakes in the Fan Mountains. Each lake, from calm Nezhigon to bright Hazarchashma, is different in colour: deep blue, bright green, and light blue. These lakes are stunning.
As day turns into night, you will stay in a cosy guest house in Padrud, a small, charming village.

Day 7: Excursion Pendjikent, depart to Samarkand (Uzbekistan), breakfast

After breakfast, you go to Penjikent. This city was vital on the Silk Road. It still has a rich past. Your trip back in time starts at the Museum of Ancient Panjakent. There, you will see art from long ago, from the 5th and 6th centuries. Next, you will check out the Penjikent Bazaar. It shows you local life and traditions.
To finish this tremendous cultural trip, you will cross the border from Tajikistan to Uzbekistan and continue the tour in Uzbekistan. Your day ends in the magical city of Samarkand, known for its legends. You will stay at a hotel in the heart of the old town.

Day 8: Excursion Samarkand by train to Bukhara, breakfast

After an excellent breakfast, you'll see the great city of Samarkand. It's a particular spot noted by UNESCO. Your trip starts at Registan, the core of Samarkand. Here, three big schools stand. They show the area's bold and fun designs. Next, you'll visit Gur-Emir's large tomb. It's wrapped in old tales. You'll also see the tombs of Rukhabad and Ak-Saray. Each holds its secrets.
The Bibi-Khanym Mosque is next. It's a grand example of old Muslim art. You'll also visit the Siab Bazaar. It's full of life, bright colours, spices and fresh bread scents. You'll also see the Hazrat Khizr Mosque and the Shahi Zinda complex. Every stone there tells a tale of the past.
Your day ends at the Ulugbek Observatory. Here, ancient star studies come alive, showing the smarts and grandeur of old scholars. You'll go to the train station at the end of your day. The Afrosiab train will take you to the magical Bukhara. Once there, you'll be in the heart of the city. In a cosy hotel that feels like the past, you can rest and dream of what's next.

Day 9: Excursion Bukhara, breakfast

After a great breakfast, you'll start a fun walk. A local guide will take you through Bukhara's pretty streets. This city has an entire history. First, you'll see the Samanid Mausoleum, an old, beautiful brick building.
Next, you'll visit the Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum. Then, it's off to the vast Bolo-Hauz Mosque.
Your next stop is the Ark. This big fort holds many old secrets. One is Zindan, the old jail, with stories from the past. Then, you'll see the Poi-Kalyan area. It has the Kalyan Minaret. There, you'll also see the Kalyan Mosque and the Miri Arab Madrasah. They tell Bukhara's unique story.
Next, you'll visit Lyabi-Hauz. It's a lovely square in Bukhara. Around a pond, it has old buildings like the Madrasahs Kukeldash and Khanaka.
Your last stop is Chor-Minor. It's a special place with a unique look and history.
This day in Bukhara will bring you great memories and teach you much about this grand city's history.

Day 10: Excursion Old Merv (Turkmenistan), fly to Ashgabad, breakfast

After breakfast, you start the next part of your trip. You will go to the Farab border, which takes you from Uzbekistan to Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan has a lot of history, and you will like it when you cross the border. A guide and driver will meet you there.
Your first stop in Turkmenistan is Old Merv, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, you will see Sultan Sanjar's tomb, old ruins, and Mohammed ibn Zayed's tomb.
Next, you will see prominent forts at Erk Kala and Gaur Kala. You will also see what's left of a Buddhist temple and the ruins of Kyz-Kala.
To end your Merv tour, you will go to Mary Airport. Then, you fly to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan's capital. Once there, you will stay in a nice hotel. Here, you can rest and think about your day.

Day 11: Excursion Ashgabat, depart to Gaz crater, breakfast, dinner

After an excellent breakfast, you'll head out for a fun day in Ashgabat with an intelligent guide. First, you'll check out the giant, old Nisa Fortress. It's pretty special. Next, you'll see the Turkmenbashi Ruhi Mosque. It shows off the rich culture of Turkmenistan.
Your tour of Ashgabat takes you to important spots. You'll see the massive Independence Monument and the Main Museum. You'll be amazed by the Arch of Neutrality's excellent design. A stroll by the Presidential Palace Square lets you see significant, new buildings. You'll also stop by the pretty Ertogrul Gazi Mosque and the big Wedding Palace Bagt Koshgi.
The highlight is a drive through the Karakum Desert to the Darvaza gas crater, which is known as the "Door to Hell."
In the evening, you'll get to a traditional yurt camp. It's an excellent spot for photos of the crater pit at night. The day wraps up with dinner under the stars. You'll enjoy the stunning view and the force of nature here.

Day 12: Excursion Kunya-Urgench, leave for Khiva (Uzbekistan), breakfast

After breakfast, you go to the Shavat border. This is where you move from Turkmenistan to Uzbekistan. On the way, you'll see Kunya-Urgench. It was a prominent trade place on the Silk Road and once led to Khorezm. It's known worldwide for its old buildings and sites.
You'll see the big Ak-Kala fort and the high Mamun Minaret. You'll visit the graves of Il-Arslan and Sultan Tekesh, which tell the area's long history. Next, you'll see the Kutlug-Timur Minaret, one of the tallest in Central Asia. You'll also see the graves of Seyit Ahmet and the grand Turabek-Khanum, which show a unique style and history.
After seeing Kunya-Urgench, you'll move to the Turkmen-Uzbek Shavat border. When you cross the border, a friendly Uzbek driver will meet you and take you to Khiva. This city is famous for its well-kept buildings and mysterious feel. You'll check into a hotel inside the Ichan-Kala fortress. Here, you can relax and enjoy its unique charm and deep history.

Day 13: Excursion Khiva, fly to Tashkent, breakfast, dinner with a master class

After breakfast, you'll go on a great walk. A local guide will show you around. You'll visit Ichan-Kala, an old fort. It's a unique spot with 51 prominent, old places on UNESCO lists.
You'll explore the fort's tight streets. You'll look at old buildings. They'll share stories of the past and the area's culture. It'll feel like going back in time.
The tour ends with a goodbye meal. You'll try local food and learn to make tukhumbarak, a dish from the Khans. The cooking class is a fun way to learn about local food.
Next, you'll head to Urgench Airport for your flight to Tashkent. Upon landing, a driver will meet and take you to your hotel. You'll have quiet time to think about your trip.

Day 14: Departure Tashkent, breakfast

On your last day in Central Asia, have a big breakfast at your hotel in Tashkent. Think about all the fun memories you made. After you leave the hotel, we'll take you to the Islam Karimov International Airport. As you fly up, leaving Central Asia's beautiful views behind, you'll start to plan your next trip here. This place mixes old and new uniquely, and there's always something new to find. Goodbye, Tashkent, until we see each other again!

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Tour to Central Asia includes;
  • accommodation in a standard double/twin room;
  • air ticket from Almaty to Bishkek, economy class;
  • air ticket from Bishkek to Tashkent, economy class;
  • air ticket from Mary to Ashgabat, economy class;
  • air ticket from Urgench to Tashkent, economy class;
  • train ticket Tashkent - Samarkand, economy class;
  • train ticket Samarkand - Bukhara, economy class;
  • meals according to the program (breakfast, lunch, dinner);
  • all excursions according to the program with an English-speaking accompanying guide (if necessary, you can order an accompanying or local guide in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian);
  • cost of entrance tickets, according to the program;
  • transport for the whole tour with a/c;
  • one bottle of mineral water (1.5 litres) for each day of the journey per person;
  • photo & video costs during the city tour program;
  • visa support to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan (if necessary).

Not Included

Tour to Central Asia excludes;
  • international flight to Almaty and from Tashkent;
  • early check-in and late check-out from the hotels;
  • personal cash expenses;
  • excess baggage, which is more than 20 kg;
  • travel insurance;
  • visa cost to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan.

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