Tour from Ukraine to Uzbekistan Monday to Monday.

Tour to Uzbekistan from Ukraine.

A tour to Uzbekistan from Ukraina Monday to Monday will allow travellers to admire the beauty of historical buildings with turquoise domes and enjoy the exquisite cuisines of Tashkent, Samarkand Bukhara Khiva.

You can buy a tour from Ukraine to Uzbekistan online on the website. Uzbekistan's kind and hospitable people will be happy to see travellers in their historic cities and on the streets covered with legends.

A tour from Ukraine to Uzbekistan is a great opportunity to touch the history of Central Asia, created by the Great Silk Road, which went from Asia to Europe.

Tour to Uzbekistan from Ukraine.

Tours to Uzbekistan

At 22:05, the plane will land in Samarkand from Kyiv according to the local timetable.

Meeting at the airport of the city of Samarkand with a driver, transfer to the hotel.

Arrive at the hotel, check into the booked room to sleep, and relieve the fatigue of the flight.

Tours to Uzbekistan

In the morning, a buffet breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

At 09:00, meet with a guide in the hotel lobby to start a city tour of Samarkand.

City tour Samarkand includes visiting the following UNESCO sites; Registan Square with three incredibly beautiful madrasahs of Ulugbek, Tilya-Kori, and Sher-Dor. Mausoleum Gur-Emir, where the great commander Amir Temur rests. Samarkand Siab market, where they sell sweet fruits and delicious Samarkand bread. The most beautiful and majestic Bibi-Khanum mosque. With dizzying legends, beautiful mausoleums, and narrow winding streets, Shakhi-Zinda Ensemble. It is worth noting that the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad rests in one of the mausoleums in Shakhi-Zinda. The Mausoleum of Khoja Daniyar, where according to legends, in mausoleum rests a descendant of King Solomon, the biblical Prophet Daniel. The Afrosiab Museum, including unique frescoes found during archaeological excavations in the Afrasiab settlement and remains of the Ulugbek observatory.

Dinner will be at the kebab house with juicy, soft kebabs of meat, chicken, pork.

Travel to Uzbekistan

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

Check-out hotel at 09:00, meeting with the driver in the hotel's lobby for departure to Bukhara with a stop in Shakhrisabz to get acquainted with the historical architectural masterpieces included in the UNESCO heritage list.

The road to Shakhrisabz will run through the picturesque Takhtakarach pass. During the trip, the driver will suggest stopping at the Sharshara (Waterfall) cafe to taste the most delicate tandoor-gusht (lamb cooked in a tandoor) with the aroma of juniper.

Arrive in Shakhrisabz at noon meet with a local guide to visit majestic Ak-Saray, which was once the residence of Amir Temur, Dorut-Tilovat complex consisting of the tomb, a mosque, and a madrasah, the Dorus-Saodat ensemble consists of the Jahangir mausoleum and Temur's crypt.

End of the Shakhrisabz city tour, continue to Blissful Bukhara.

Arrive at Bukhara check-in to the hotel located among narrow streets like a labyrinth in the Jewish quarter of Bukhara.

Dinner will occur at the Lyabi-Hauz restaurant, located on the shore of an old pool with a unique Bukhara flavour.

After dinner, a walk through Bukhara will take place to see the transformation of the night city with unique drawings of architectural buildings with facade lighting.

Tours to Uzbekistan

In the morning, buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

At 09:00, meet with a local guide in the hotel lobby to start a walking tour in Bukhara.

City tour Bukhara includes a visit to the following sites, which are under the protection of UNESCO; ruins of the fortress walls and gate of Bukhara, mausoleums Samanids and Chashma-Ayub, Ark fortress, the old prison Zindan, complexes Bolo-Khauz, and Khoja-Zainuddin. Ensemble Poi-Kalyan, which consists of the Kalyan minaret, the Kalyan mosque, and Miri-Arab madrasah. In the post-Soviet space, the Miri-Arab madrasah is considered one of the most revered spiritual Islamic educational institutions. Trading domes; Toki-Zargaron, Toki-Tilpak-Furushon, Toki-Saraffon. Ulugbek madrasah, Abdulaziz Khan madrasah, Khoja-Gaukushan ensemble, Magoki-Attari mosque, Bukhara synagogue. The ensemble-square Lyabi-Hauz is where townspeople and visiting tourists spend their free time. The Lyabi-Khauz ensemble includes the Kukeldash, Khanak, Nadir-Divan-Begi madrasahs, as well as the monument to Khoja Nasreddin on a donkey, which according to legend, brings good luck to the person touching the ear of a copper donkey.

Dinner will take place at the Old House restaurant, located in a well-preserved old house of a Bukharian Jew.

Tours to Uzbekistan

Breakfast, meet with the guide, continue the excursion in Bukhara.

Today in the program Chor-Minor madrasah, the symbol of Bukhara, the mausoleum of Bahauddin Naqshband, attracts Sufi pilgrims worldwide and the country palace of the last Bukhara emir Sitorai-mohi Khosa and the Chor-Bakr necropolis.

After the end of the excursion in Bukhara, free time to walk through the narrow streets of Bukhara to make authentic photographs in memory of Bukhara.

Dinner will take place in a small but cosy house of a local Bukharian, where a unique Bukhara pilaf, Oshi-Sofi, will be prepared for dear guests.

Travel to Uzbekistan

Breakfast, check-out from the hotel, meeting with the driver at 09:00 at the hotel reception for departure to Khiva.
On the way, a stop from where a breathtaking view of the Amu Darya river opens.
In the late afternoon, arrival in the long-awaited Khiva, accommodation at the hotel for a rest before dinner.

Dinner will take place on the terrace with a breathtaking view of the Itchan-Kala fortress.

Uzbekistan tour

Buffet breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

09:00, meet with a local guide to start a walking tour of the city of Khiva, which was one of the first in Central Asia to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The city tour program includes a visit to the following unique architectural structures of the Ichan-Kala fortress; the unfinished Kalta-Minor minaret, which is considered a symbol of tourist Khiva with the Muhammad Amin-khan madrasah. Another symbol of Ichan-Kala is the Kunya-Ark fortress with summer-winter mosques, harem and Ak-Sheikh-Bobo bastion. Madrasah of Muhammad Niyaz Divanbegi, mausoleum of Said Allauddin, madrasah of Kozi-Kalon, madrasah of Muhammad Rahim Khan II. Further, the Juma mosque with 218 unique wooden columns, the Yunus Khan mosque, the Pakhlavan Mahmud mausoleum with a majestic turquoise dome. The most beautiful and highest minaret of Islam-Khoja, Ak mosque, Anush-khan baths, Ala-Kuli-khan madrasah, Tash-Khauli palace with a caravanserai and the city walls of Ichan-Kala with a length of 2.5 km.

Dinner will take place at Toza-Bog, the summer palace of the Khiva Khan, with folk performances.

Туры в Узбекистан

Breakfast at the hotel restaurant, check-out from the room at 11:20, meet with the driver in the hotel lobby, transfer to Urgench airport for flight to Samarkand. Flight HY050 will fly out from Urgench at 13:55 and land in Samarkand at 15:05.

Upon arrival at the airport, meeting with the driver, transfer to the tourist village of Konigil, which since ancient times was famous for its picturesque nature and unique craft traditions. Acquaintance with the old method of making silk mulberry paper by hand, wood carving, extraction of natural oil and baking of the famous Samarkand bread.

Then dinner will take place with artisans who will answer all questions related to the production of mulberry paper.

After a hospitable dinner, transfer to the airport for the return flight to Kyiv at 23:05.

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Included / Not Included

Tour to Uzbekistan from Ukraine includes

  • accommodation in a standard double/twin room;
  • air ticket Urgench – Tashkent, economy class;
  • meals according to program (breakfast and dinner);
  • all excursions according to the program, with local guides in English (if necessary, a guide provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian languages);
  • cost of entrance tickets, according to the program;
  • air-conditioned transport for excursions and all transfers;
  • one bottle of mineral water (1.5 litres) per person for each tour day;
  • photo & video costs during the city tour program;
  • a folklore show in Khiva;
  • PCR test for COVID 19 for departure from Uzbekistan;
  • Tourist tax;
  • visa support to Uzbekistan (if necessary).

Tour to Uzbekistan from Ukraine excludes

  • early check-in and late check-out from the hotels;
  • personal cash expenses;
  • excess baggage, which is more than 20 kg;
  • travel insurance;
  • visa cost to Uzbekistan.

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