Fergana Valley Tour: Cultural Gems of Uzbekistan

Embark on an Unforgettable Fergana Valley Tour

Discover the heart of Central Asia with our Fergana Valley Tour, a remarkable Uzbekistan Cultural Tour that showcases the region's rich traditions and history. Experience the Kokand Historical Trip, where the past comes alive through its stunning architecture and historical sites.

Immerse yourself in the Margilan Silk Experience, a highlight of our Uzbekistan Handicrafts Tour. Here, at the famous Margilan Silk Factory, you'll witness the exquisite art of silk weaving, a cornerstone of Traditional Uzbek Crafts.

Join our Rishtan Ceramics Tour and explore the renowned Rishtan Pottery Workshop, where artisans create mesmerizing ceramics, a testament to Fergana Valley Handmade Products. This tour is an integral part of our broader Central Asia Cultural Journey.

Traverse the scenic landscapes of Fergana Valley, Uzbekistan, a must-see destination for any Uzbekistan Scenic Tours. As part of our Central Asian Artisan Tour, you'll gain insights into the unique arts and crafts that have flourished along the historic Silk Road.

This tour is ideal to be included in our other Central Asia tour packages for international travellers looking for Uzbekistan tours and Central Asia Tours from abroad. It offers a deep dive into the world of Silk Road Crafts Exploration and Cultural Heritage Tours Uzbekistan.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore the cultural riches of the Fergana Valley. Book now and embark on an adventure that combines history, art, and natural beauty in one extraordinary journey.

Tour to Fergana Valley.

At 08:00, we will begin our journey to the picturesque Fergana Valley. As we travel, we will pass through the fascinating coal mines of Angren, offering a glimpse into the region's industrial heritage. Our route will take us through the breathtaking Kamchik serpentine pass, known for its winding roads and stunning mountain views.

Our Fergana Valley tour will begin with a city tour in Kokand, a historically significant city that played a major role in the Silk Road trade route. We will visit the magnificent Khudoyar-Khan Palace, an architectural gem that showcases the grandeur of the Khanate of Kokand. Next, we will explore the Jami Mosque with its impressive minaret, symbolising spiritual devotion. The tour will continue with visits to the Kamol-Kazy Madrasah and the Mien-Khazrat Madrasah, both esteemed centres of Islamic learning. We will also be able to admire the beautiful Mulkabad Mosque and explore the Dahma-i-Shakhon cemetery, a sacred burial site of Kokand's rulers. As a highlight of the day, we will participate in a masterclass at a renowned ceramic workshop in Rishtan, where a skilled potter will introduce us to the art of traditional ceramics.

Later in the afternoon, we will reach the verdant oasis city of Ferghana and check into our hotel for a brief respite before dinner. Following that, we will indulge in a delightful dining experience at a local teahouse, savouring the flavours of Ferghana Valley's renowned cuisine. Be prepared to taste the unique pilaf from Chungur rice, a local speciality that will leave a lasting impression on your palate.

After a day filled with exploration, cultural immersion, and culinary delights, we will retire to our rooms for a well-deserved rest. Tomorrow promises more exciting adventures as we journey through the captivating Fergana Valley.

Following a delectable breakfast at our hotel, we'll pack our bags and rendezvous with our knowledgeable guide for a thrilling excursion across the enchanting Fergana Valley.

Our first destination will be the tranquil Ahmad al-Fergana Park, where we'll bask in the serene atmosphere and discover the rich historical legacy of this renowned figure. Our guide will enlighten us about the life and achievements of Ahmad al-Fergana, giving us an insight into the cultural significance of this revered park.

Next, we'll go to the highly esteemed Yodgorlik factory in Margilan. These factories are celebrated for their exceptional silk production, and we'll have the opportunity to witness the intricate process of silk weaving firsthand. We'll marvel at the artistry of creating these magnificent textiles and gain a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

Our journey will then take us to the charming city of Namangan, renowned for its vibrant flower industry and the city of Chust, where we'll have the chance to explore the traditional markets and discover unique skullcaps and handcrafted knives in the iconic Damascus-style. Chust has become a mecca for those seeking beautifully designed skullcaps and authentic handmade knives, and we'll be able to witness the skilled artisans at work as they create these one-of-a-kind pieces.

As the day draws to a close, we will return to Tashkent, the bustling capital of Uzbekistan, to mark the end of our unforgettable tour of the country's gem, the Ferghana Valley.

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Tour to Fergana valley for two days includes

  • accommodation in a standard double/twin room;
  • meals according to the program (breakfast and dinner);
  • all excursions according to the program with a local guide in English (if necessary, a  local guide provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian);
  • cost of entrance tickets in the Fergana Valley;
  • air-conditioned transport for the whole tour;
  • one bottle of mineral water (1.5 litres) per person for each day of the trip;
  • photo & video costs during the city tour program;
  • visa support to Uzbekistan (if necessary).

Not Included

Tour to Fergana valley for two days excludes

  • early check-in and late check-out from the hotels;
  • personal cash expenses;
  • travel insurance;
  • visa cost to Uzbekistan.