Tashkent City Tour: Historical & Cultural Exploration

Experience an exciting day exploring Tashkent with us from 9 AM to 6 PM! Dive into a lively market bursting with colours, sounds, and smells. Try delicious local foods like tasty kebabs and hearty soups. See stunning buildings that blend old and new styles. Meet friendly artists and performers who bring joy to the city.

Tashkent city tour is excellent for anyone eager to see Tashkent's best spots. Ready to check out Tashkent? Sign up online now! Booking is easy and safe; we take Visa and MasterCard. You'll have a great time if you love history, food, or art. Don't miss out on the magic of Tashkent!

City tour in Tashkent.

Let's have a fun day in Tashkent, starting at 9:00 AM! An excellent guide will take us around, telling fantastic stories about the city.

Morning fun:
First, we'll see an old book at the Hast Imam complex. Then, we'll hit the Chorsu market to smell spices and hear busy sellers.

At noon, we'll eat yummy Uzbek food in a cosy place. We'll have kebabs, samsa, bread, and soup. The tastes will wow you!

Afternoon adventure:
We'll ride the metro, see cool stations, and visit Mustakillik Square. It's a calm spot. We'll look at monuments and think about what they mean.

Next, we'll check out the Alisher Navoi Theater and pass by Prince Romanov's castle.

Quiet moment:
Later, we will visit the Memorial of Courage, dedicated to the memory of the victims of the 1966 earthquake. We will also see the Museum of Applied Arts, admiring Uzbek art's incredible works and colours.

Evening fun:
We will end our day at Amir Temur Square. Walking along Sayilgokh Street, we will see the sale of local handicrafts. You can even try to draw with the artist, making a unique souvenir from your visit to Tashkent.

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  • excursion according to the program with a local guide in English (if required, the local guide provided in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Russian);
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